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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Moving movies

Callendar gurl turned royal worked. I for one think Helen Mirren IS The Queen. I did not recognize her at first. I am not very good with faces, am I? Watching the movie late in the night without falling asleep despite my busy work schedule should tell you something. Things I have in commom with the Queen: using the odd person when formulating sentenes. For example "One does not want to be rude". I too send congratulations to the lucky clumsy red neck blue collar who manages to shoot my stag. And... that's all.

It's been a busy week, but I have great help now, and I have been heavy on the movies. So.

For the adrenalyn junky within, Apocalypto keeps you in the seat for the whole two hours approximately, even if after the first fifteen minutes you must go indiferently numb at the amount of jugular sprung liquid, with the occasional throb for the fain hearted, like myself. Nice colours, good tempo, it sells. Does the opening seem digital to you too?

I have finally found out what language must've been there in the opening scence of 13 - Tzameti. Georgian. I saw the movie at George's invitation. Coincidence. A refreshingly non-American production, and not necessarily French either, I loved it for being in sharp black and white, story well told, insinuating music theme to accompany it, crazy and stupid as life sometimes can get. Ruletistul by Cartarescu, anyone?

The screening of Babel was quite unexpected for me. Also very late in the night. I don't remember why I wanted to see this one initially, but my dozing vanished the moment the movie began. The Americans sort of get it, well everybody else gets it in this movie. But, as usually, the Americans get their happy ending. Not the others. Interesting how the interrelated stories manage to touch current topics like: (Mexican) immigration, (Arab) terrorism, depression, suicide, social sense of inadequacy and marginalization in the higly developed countries. It also made me reflect on the implications on the characters' life after I figured the actual timeline of the story. Clever. It features a mature(d) sex symbol, a fetish actor, a diva, and manga exotic to mainstream hopeful.

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