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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Clearing the fridge of last year's history...

Bash. Have I seen this?
Elena Baguci on the cover of Tabu. Been to the seaside for the Fat Boy Slim and Tabu's special on bars and clubs.
Horrid postcard. Won't give details. Been on the fridge for less then two weeks now.
Pirates of the Caribbean. Deadman's Chest. Good. Next?
Anim'est teaser and Anim'est. Missed it.
Blue woman hand washing. Acrylic on paper. Trinidad. I was just passing through what appeared to be the Swiss of the Caribbean.
Postcard for AIDS' Day. T's idea of a present card.
Paris. Paris Hilton. Wtf?!?
Achtung Zebra. Yellow on black, like the contrast, can't remember where I picked it up. Read on the back: Vienna. Duh!
The Mission bracelet. See above about Baguci.
Depeche Mode's Touring Angel. Wow.
Heat ticket. Lavelle in Oradea. Not only that.
Solo on line. Vava. National Theater Festival. Cried.
Fat Boy Slim ticket.
Billy Idol ticket.
Fusion presents summer school. Summer party :)
Silent disco. Nicole's birthday. Missed it. The silent disco, not the birthday party.
My pics in Timeout. vava.
L'oubli. Vava.
Laetitia Carton's open letters. Loved them. Missed the exhibition. Hilarious.
Paul van Dyk. Missed it.
Fat Boy Slim. Again. Been there once.
Final Fantasy. VII. Are you sure it's final?
A fost sau n-a fost. I was there.
Placebo. Sure!
Me on the InfoBrit cover. And twenty more people...
Romanian National Museum of Art. I should go there more often.
Joaquin Cortes. Body. Dance. Attitude. I only had a problem with the attitude part.
Buena Vista - The Havana Lounge. Party like you are sixty something.
TmBase after party exclusive. OK, this was late 2005.
Legaturi bolnavicioase. Not sick at all.
Cesaria. Evora. Face to face.

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