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Monday, January 01, 2007

Tempus fugit not capit musca

I have been watching Drawing Restraint 9. At first I wanted to say "What a pretentious piece of bullshit!", but now, three hours later, I am tempted to be more melow. Some of the imagery is beautiful, but the narrative is inexistent. Finally it is just a collection of ocasionally beautiful shots of a well budgeted performance.

In other news, I am furiously erasing all mass text messages as they arrive on my mobile. By the way, I feel like shit.


R! said...

At some point I'll watch it, but I wanted to thank you for the warning. For all the hype from smitten fanboys, I figured something so bizarre has got to suck. (Even the mighty may fall.)

I can appreciate your initial reaction as I have anticipated likely feeling the same way. Still, I'm glad you could walk away from it taking the good parts.

It's bullshit like this that makes me roll my eyes with utmost enthusiasm: " amazing transformation at the close of the film, transforming themselves into whales, complete with blowholes, and return to the sea from which we were all plucked in our infancy."

monsoux said...

Hey, R! Did you know that the movie is just on of the performances in a series by Matthew Barney? You can find more at

As a contemporary artistic manifestation, it makes more sense. But giving it the full length of a movie is pushing the limits.