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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last post in 2006, staggeringly creative, just dashing

Everybody is gearing up for the medium night ahead. No, no, it doesn't have to do with those spirits, just with the alcohol I guess. I say medium, because it's so fake and mediocre. Especially since I am not up to it. Yes, I might be depressed. I can hear some idiot's boom box booming. The reverbs, the joy. And it's not even proper party time yet. The kids with a curfew are already blowing up the crackers in the street. A distant annoyance. While my next door neighbour is disturbing me loudly receiving his guests and insinuating the New Year's Eve menu under my door. T is up for a monster fight on a minor reason. Running on a short fuse doesn't work with my attitude, either. Could everybody just let me be, please, before we regret it?

Apologies to Andressa for not making it in Warsaw. My excuse is I am no fun to be with now, there are witnesses to that extent.

The good news is all this will pass away. I am glad to be rid of 2006 and I cannot say I am looking forward to 2007.