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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Flesh is weak and passing

A 19 year old, or whatever, might think youth is for ever. I remember I so wanted to get out of it. But I am confronted. I am becoming the sad old philosopher who thinks about it because he cannot do it. Anymore. I am not that sad. I am amused by the fact that everybody is going to loose theirs sometime.

Saw Reconstruction. Would need to see it again to fully grasp it, if that is even possible. A refreshing break. Serve slightly chilled with Pinot Noir from Purcari, smoked cheese, nuts and friends on the sofa.

Word is I am drinking too much. I've started it.

Busy schedule for the weekend: Palm Sunday open air fairs, closing the project with the call operators, dinner at Vava's, maybe dancing. Tomorrow early morning call from my landlord, then opera and theater combo.

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