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Monday, April 16, 2007

Mobile my ass

It was Sunday, and little bloguette007 took me places. We were due to watch this, which we did, and it's not half as bad as some would want you to think it is.

One thing I did not understand though. At one point, the hero drops his clam shell on a row of stairs and... ooops! it's broken. But really broken. Who buys that? I mean I was just talking to my mum on the phone, must've been nervous, and I dropped my mobile (again!). The mobile hit the cup I bough and gave to my assistant and both fell on the floor. The cup, and the mobile, not the now ex-assistant! The mobile is still fine. For the those wondering, it is a damn Sagem I am trying to ditch. Looks like a Nokia, but is not. OK, I am into princessy things... sometimes. End of story is the cup broke, but the phone did not. Little bloguette007, whose phone I can certify looks like it has actually been through the last three world wars, and I am including here the war on terror of course! said the exact same thing: "I have a similar phone, it's been through worse, it doesn't break like that". I guess it's just a plot of Hollywood producers to counter, for whatever reason, the product placement.


stingo said...

He dropped his what?

monsoux said...

the mobile, mine cracked ,but did not break :(