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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tango steps

I lingered with my gaze just to observe the faces of the Romanian family leaning against the small fence. They must've been from Moldova somewhere, judging from what I could previously catch with my untrained ear. Their faces were quasi-blank, not sure if the couple was heterosexual, or just playing a prank, the kind teenagers would sometimes do when intoxicated.

So why was I later playing along the same cues myself? walking ahead of the couple on the rather busy streets of the mountain resort? Ms Gloria Gaynor was giving me the look, freshly pasted on all available savage posting spots. Was the sidewalk indeed not wide enough?

I was one step ahead, the world was two steps behind. Nobody got bashed, so maybe things were headed in the right direction.


sagesse said...

E tare mişto poza. O ai cumva la o rezoluţie mai mare, wallpaperizabilă?

monsoux said...

este, am cautat o adresa, dar n-am gasit. Poate incerci tu? monsoux at gmail dot com...