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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ladylike bag (copycat blog behaviour)

It contains:
- a cutter, nevermind into what or who you might be running
- a pen, always there, rarely used
- a Vodafone prepaid sim, got it for free. Anyone?
- pay slip, no comment :(
- ID's and cards wallet
- fidelity cards, boyfriend picture, small ball-pen drawing of a dog on a small piece of leather
- Internet banking gadget, very useful, but you need an Internet connection and lots of patience with figures
- car key, it gets me places
- plus small flash light
- plus lucky charm from the Italian lottery of yore
- USB A to A, male to female, hi hi hi
- car freshener, it smells like a fresh toilette, I had to hang it outside my balcony to scare the pigeons away (and it failed at that too)
- the book I have been "reading" for quite a while now
- paper tissues, I've got an issue if they are not super soft and minty
- Aerius-I-got-allergy, it's the season
- 2G memory stick called Gantu, it's the short Romanian for smart, because it's dressed in, you guessed it, leather and it has an irony finish
- my trustworthy simple old fashioned iPod Shuffle

The thought of the day: "Even when it's not funny, and it is not always, the least you can do is laugh about it".


halcy said...

red is the new "it" this year. the cutter thing is cute. :)

Prada_Devil said...

hmm la ce ar fi bun un cutter?:-?

monsoux said...

a cutter? To cut?

Prada_Devil said...

mda bun raspunsul :P:)