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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let me update this

Would I have a choice, would I be Euclidean or non-Euclidean geometry? I'd say Euclidean, the others would say non-Euclidean. I like to deceive myself. I look into the light, then I return but I cannot see anymore. I hate dandruff, I use English, I miss words like I miss myself. I am late, I have no idea what to do. Happiness eludes me. I should be happy to just feel plain, but I hate plain. I drink plain water, and less sparkling. I used to drink only sparkling water, why have I started, why have I changed? I talk a lot, yet I say nothing much. I keep silent, but it's not sign of wiseness. I make sense, I don't make sense. I remember things, I forget things, finally I just remember I forget things. I drawn meaning in words, I hide. If only clearing a white slate would solve things, and if only that would be as easy as tidying up. I'd tidy it up. It's clean, but messy, said someone. Well, I am sweet and sour sad. Nobody is impressed. I let the distance grow. I don't intend to cut anything: cut you some slack, cut the cheese, cut it short.

In real life, I have learnt not to use the epilator on my back. It doesn't work, except for the rush. I have turned my F717 to the service. I hope to be able to shoot pictures soon. Been granted the golden credit card, I have to stay away for it, otherwise I am talented at getting in debt. The computer I suspect is still ill, Yahoo and Outlook down. I loathe formatting and reinstalling, so for now I guess I am just stalling. I have been to a great movie with a couldn't be more inappropriate ending. I am leaving for the countryside. That's all, folks, but life ain't Looney Tunes.


halcy said...

you drive something red, yet it's not a Ferrari ... there, there. everything will be okay! :P you just need to fight for your right ... you know "pumnu'n masa, scandal, etc"


monsoux said...

I've stopped being young... and everything idealistic implied.