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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Life is full of options. Like when your toilet is leaking, you can worry, or you can thank God for duct tape, you can call the plumber, or you can start building a raft.

I know for a fact my boss doesn't care for all these options. She called me late last night to appoint me for these meetings she was going to skip, with me now replacing her. My squicky voice and toilet were not at all convincing.

So right now I am getting ready for the meetings, all dressed up. I have placed an ashtray under the fix and I am praying the dripping rate is slow enough to allow me to return home and empty the ashtray before too late.


Anonymous said...

ce parere ai de ultima piesa a lui afrim?

monsoux said...

Dearest A (from A nonymous?),

my opinon,like myself, is excellent. Only I have not attended the staging. Otherwise, experts have it, I must.

stingo said...

My toilet is leaking too. Maybe they are twins or something.

I just use a bucket, until I find myself a sexy plumber. Things are not looking up.

Also: I wanna go to the muchly-hyped Afrim play as well. Shall we go together? Is it still playing? Seeing as it is the end of the "stagiune".

Yes. I don't know the word in English. I don't like the theatre. I like Afrim.

monsoux said...

I think it my be season. Sure, let's go. If you are willing to purchase, I am willing to buy. I don't dig for Afrim the person, by the way.