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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cogito ergo...

Generally, people's unreliability is more reliable then their reliability, so count on the former rather then on the later.

Reflection is pretty much like physical exercise. It can hurt. But it is the nature of the exercise that leads either to a positive or negative outcome, among other things. As I am exercising myself, it took me more than five minutes to write down the last three words of the previous sentence.

I am drinking coffee with soy milk. Ironic, come to think about it. I remember how my parents dreaded the soy "coffee" of the 80's.

I am reading "A Long Way Down" by Nick Hornby, in a very Wizzair cover. That was ironic too, as I sort of started the book waiting and flying that airline. I have also found some very nice paragraphs. Should any of you find the original text, let me know, I am interested.

OK, time to go, I am late again in my corporate world.

1 comment:

runbaby said...

exact asta am terminat si eu de citit ieri :). ce intelegi prin textul original, engleza?

supposably soy is not good for one's health, asa am citit eu pe undeva...

spor la reflectii :P