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Friday, June 29, 2007

The wrong band scribbles

Yes, we'll make it a Tori post. I have just read Robert's interview. Before I returned, actually immediately after the concert I had called Robert to let him know. It would've been the perfect concert had she played The Wrong Band. In fact I was not even sure this was the name of the song and I did not know the name of the album. It is Under the pink. I only knew it was one obscure tune out of 350, that stuck with me for whatever reason.

At the concert with the highest number of redheads per square meter, Tori surprised me by entering the stage blond and hair cut short. Or at least that's what I thought as I did not know the first thing about her new album.

From the very beginning I have noticed the boys and girls around me were moving catatonic like. Did this have anything to do with the lack of affection, is that part of the theme?

"Tori is living on stage. Maybe not only there, but for us that is essential. Tori is feeling, Tori cannot stay put. It's just me who's stayed put, absorbing sounds, filling up, waiting to take them home." That was obvious to me when she was on stage. I was writing as she was making love to her piano. Now go read that interview. The paragraph about Tori and roles on stage and in life, about being on stage and getting off the stage.

"Look! I'm standing naked before you. Don't you want more than my sex?" has made my hair stand on end. So I knew it was good concert, it's been certified, it's been validated.

My final memory is the Mr. Jones episode, with the dress, and the wife, and the improvising at the piano. Or not? What would you feel if you worked with somebody and she told you things singing, in front of an audience?

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