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Friday, August 31, 2007

My Sziget, missing in action

Some say it was a sore throat, but the official announcement was just "Chris Cornell is sick".

To tell you the truth, I was ignorant of the guy until Foolea has opened my eyes and made me open the Sziget brochure. From where I quote "...he was the singer-guitarist-leader of the Seattle-based Soundgarden...". Well, you have to give me that, most of the times this happens, how many of you can tell me names of the actual band members? It all gets left behind the good song, if there is one to start with. So, anyways, this is the guy melting the Barbie doll on the barbecue, I thought "Cool!"

You dig I was bound to buy the CD. Which I did. And which points me to his Billie Jean cover. Can you imagine Michael Jackson on repeat on my playlist? It happened with this one, maybe because it has a somewhat darker sound. Also, you might wanna check She'll Never Be Your Man, and No Such Thing. Now I have to ask the Rock Chick again what song in particular reminded her of the Soundgarden sound.

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bloguette007 said...

And please pay attention to "You Know My Name" from the 007 - Casino Royale soundtrack ;)))))

Also, please get over Sziget already!