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Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Sziget, Razolight, breakthrough, recall and awareness

Razorlight had one of those breakthrough performances at the festival: I remember liking it, but, since I don't have them on my playlist, I cannot hum any of their tunes if you prompted me. Luckily, they resonate to my friends daily life, and hence to mine.

The guy also has a killer body, at least for my taste, and shows it on stage. Now that in communication terms is recall, in capital letters :) As a consumer, I recall something else, something I didn't like. In fact I was really bothered at the time. Photo reporters allowed in front of the stage were evacuated before the white shirt came off. That is OK. But photo reporters front row in the crowd were asked, and no so kindly, by guy in the Razorlight staff not to take pictures later on, during the performance. At some point with some insistence closely resembling anger and threat. That I didn't like. For the Razorlight PR and staff, read the rules about on festival taking picture, and let the guys know before getting on stage and deploying you to horrid tasks amid the unsuspecting fans. And that brings me to awareness. We are all aware we look sometimes look our best, and we don't necessarily look our best when we do our best. That is why many artist restrict and control the time reporters can take pictures during concerts. But that is during their own concerts, not necessarily festivals, where different rules apply . Are you aware of that? Anyway, I don't think the right to one's own image can justify violence of any kind. There are other options to consider, especially during artistic performances.

I hope that doesn't sound like a big fuss. Looking back, I am certainly more relaxed about the whole thing.

I think my next post will be poll-like: "Should hot stars wax their armpits?". Although I think hot guys and body hair sometimes go very well together.


stingo said...

I've always thought that he looks like Bram.

monsoux said...

yeah, they're both cool. I wonder which of them reads more?

stingo said...

I think that the Razorlight singer "reads" a different kind of lines.