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Monday, August 20, 2007

Sexual threat. Not!

The problem with the word homosexual is it contains sex in it, making it perceivable as a constant sexual threat too. Sex is acceptable, but no one wants to have it at all times in the face. I kinda hope I have managed to explain my thoughts, finally, on camera, during the second interview I had for this documentary on gay life in nowadays Romania some of my American friends are currently shooting.

A threat is a threat is a threat, all the more reason for non-combatant me to be very careful in revealing my crushes for straight guys. Oh, yes, these existed, what did you thinK? And no, I don't have a crush on every guy, straight or gay, rest assured. Although I am sure, as always, there are a couple of people I know, they would advise otherwise... Well, my back muscle hurts so bad I cannot make it out of the house for the moment, so what better past time than blogging and thinking about guys I have spotted recently?!

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