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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stincking is the new black

NOT! I hate it when they stop the hot water without prior notice. I cannot bring myself to wash in cold water so here I am boiling it on the stove, like in the Middle Ages, or very close to that time. Yeah, I know they were not really washing in those times, but they were boiling water, weren't they?

I also forgot to buy milk for the morning coffee.

Everything is so dusty around me, from mounting the windows, I even think I've got dust in the crack of my butt.

Tuesdays are lovely, overall. NOT!


Pinocchi0 said...

Nu te echauffa la chestia cu apa calda, are farmecul ei nostalgic. Domnu' Inginer si cu mine am facut odata un conced la tzara, pe Valea Prahovei, unde nu aveam apa decit rece si la robenetul de peste drum. It was *so* dirty, you can't even dream of it! *LOL*

Shoricelu said...

stinking ;) i used to wash like that when we (my family & i) first moved to the suburbs of Bucharest. until we got a proper shower. after a while, we got back to it as the energy bill was getting higher and higher and... for a year now, i'm living on my own (shared apartment with my sister, now gone and replaced by an ex-actual-ex-boyfriend :)) and have the beautiful habit of washing like civilized people. yeeiii! sorry for the water thing. hope i won't have to get back to stove-heating.

monsoux said...

p, you know me, a collection of rants, but nothing serious

shoricelu, welcome. And let's keep clean. Sometimes not enough people do that in this city, grrr.

Tina said...

Si nu uita:
"I stink, therefore I am"