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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yesterday's recap

Sometimes I need to scribble my days, like I am loosing an essential little something otherwise. It's a phobia rather than a feeling. So here goes yesterday: laptop wrestling took all day, I need a laptop tamer, late afternoon I have finally succeeded in to install and dial the damn EDGE connection, I swear I need to switch from Windows, borrowed money in a hurry from M and ran home to pay expenses, then landed in dustland, tried to do a little something, somehow managed to undust the bedroom, the rest of the house is heavily engrossed and awaiting Ms. Ionescu, then had a long discussion that tired me pretty much like fights with T used to, then I ran to the rehearsal, where I was late but not that late, there is always someone "later" than me, it's a major trick of survival in the urban jungle; it was almost time to turn back into a pumpkin, read midnight, you Cinderella freaks, when return home, admired the badly parked cars in my neighborhood, I so often need to rant about my neighbours' parking skills and how I have to rove for hours feels like, that I never do it anymore, rant, not rove. Midnight daily chores performed, I decide to take advantage of the running hot water, see the episode early in the morning the same day, and soaked like crazy. Pondered about stardom and being single, as separate issues. At this point I turned on the beast, read laptop, thinking I might post about the return to communist past, read my visit to Chisinau, or about Gramos' meme, but actually ended sleeping under the warmth of the processor roar with the music and lights on. And that was my day. Forgot to manage the oddity of having naked windows. And about 100 observation posts across at close enough range.


stingo said...

What rehearsal?!

runbaby said...

First time I went to Chisinau (1999) was the first time I was glad to be back in Bucharest... Congrats for surviving the day :)...

Shoricelu said...

monsoux, thanks for the warm now clean welcome. :)

i just decided to get back to my roots, so now i'm posting from my old house: replace shoricelu with womanchild85[dot]blogspot[dot]com in your browser and i'll be happy to welcome you in anytime :)

small piece of advice: stay in bed to do the sleep like normal people; otherwise, it will give you nightmares.

monsoux said...

stingo, explanation to follow, keep tuned

runbaby, I also remember I thought it was unfair to hear all these comments from visitors to Romania, back in the day, and now I am doing it in turn, completing a "violence" cycle. Life is not fair.

shoricelu, you've made it into my Google Reader. Next steps include making in into "What li(n)ked", and eventually into the blogroll :)

Diana said...

ex-shoricelu *blushing* says: ooh.. thank u! i don't promise to always top up expectations but i'm gonna keep on posting. bad or good. and definitely keep an eye on u.

sorry i can't come see u dancing. i might one day when work doesn't kill me. :)