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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yellow brick road

Slatina might be the new Caracal. For the uninitiated, Caracal is, according to the Romanian urban legends, THE city of blunders. As presumably shown here or here.

Now, as I was minding my own drive, following the yellow brick road so to speak, or for the more conservative of you the road signs, I was lead to Primaverii street. Note to self, to be avoided in the future. Just as I entered the street, taking a left turn I was about to hit a lamppost in the MIDDLE of the road. Literally the middle of the road. Where it not for my excellent reflexes, the city of Slatina might have been in mourning after its eloquent pillar of their street signing slash street lighting system. I have seen poles in the road before, like in Bucharest, but they were somehow more discreet in placing them rather closer to the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, in the after shock of avoiding collision, I could not bring myself to stop the car, turn around and take a picture with my phone cam, now my only working cam.

Also in Slatina, road bumpers go both up and down, meaning one sector of the bumper is bumped, while the other might be a whole in the road.

Drive safely, everybody!

1 comment:

Diana said...

I was born 25 miles away from Slatina and lived 15 years with my grand-parents before moving to Campulung Muscel (Arges) and then head off for Bucharest. My uncle lives in Slatina, so I know exactly what you mean. :)