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Monday, October 29, 2007

I am back

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Reading. That is the advantage of traveling, when your plane is late beyond belief. Like the joke with the cops patrolling in pairs, one for reading and one for writing, I had all my bases covered. Five hours late(r) I had finished reading a book. For the time being bloguette007 was in charge with writing, in flesh, but there was little to write right then. Also, already done writing her piece was Anna Gavalda, with her I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere.

They say traveling is an experience, it opens your horizons, might even be a lesson. A simple mind could hastily conclude the more you are spending traveling the better you become, but that doesn't go when it's night an you are stuck in empty cold airport and you have actually finished reading your book.

If airport sleep deprivation was the cherry on the cake, it was a rotten one. But Barcelona, no connection whatsoever to my palatable reading, has pretty much made me feel so alive. If your cherry is rotten throw it away and enjoy the cake.

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