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Monday, November 05, 2007

Adventures in heteroland

Yeap, the breaking news is true. I have been to Bamboo the other night for first time in my life. For those who are currently raising their eyebrow already recalling my former confession about Kristal... well, guys, I am on rebound, what can I say?

I am equal opportunity discriminator. As such, I have always thought straight people don't know how to have fun when you compare it to gay night life, anywhere. But it's not true. Straight people know and do have fun. Sure, the toilets and the club floors were stickier, but the go-go policeman was by far better than what I have ever seen in a gay club. Would that be because the owner of the club is said to appreciate these things too? Insert innocent innuendo smile here. As for the girls, there were a lot of them "petarde explodate" and "jupuite". Anyone? Who could submit a suitable English equivalent...? But also a nice mix of beautiful people, trendy people, rich people, famous people, and on the prowl people. Watch out for them cash and plastic, daddies! No, really! I have seen nice attractive people too. I liked the mix, people spotting was not boring at all. Also a nice mix of cheap and expensive. Cheap moves, expensive place: cover, ten euro, wardrobe, three euro per piece, beer three euro, a cocktail nine euro. I still got shit faced, nevertheless.

I also have to report to you, my faithful readers, exploring my bi-sexual side. There is nothing there. Nothing. Nothing has swollen. Now, the whole exploring has happened when I was eye fucked by a couple of cute girls. Two of the most daring even sexually brushed against me while dancing. For a while. It's nice to get the attention, unfortunately I could not return the favour. Good thing it has not degenerated into more substantial requests.

All in all, I had fun, which I recommend to all of you should try once in a blue moon.


Rux said...

skanky hussies... hoodrats... but yes, Romanian does add more authenticity to the notion, making these terms look like fuzzy wuzzy pet names :)

monsoux said...

I don't even dare to ask how come you know. Thanks, anyway :)