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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Lately I have this scary reflex to reward myself. OK, spoil myself. Somebody stop me before I become broke again.

Today was buying-presents-day for: birthdays, imminent departure and me.

May I ask where is the switch off for the things coming my way, workwise? Capacity exceeded. Progress zero.

Apparently I will call Mr. Right Mr. Talk To You Tomorrow and it will be a hello, how are you, no reproaches call. 'Cause so says my adviser in the matter of the hearts.


Mazilique said...

your mr. right... errr... mr. talk to you tomorrow or my mr. talk to you tomorrow? :))

monsoux said...

mine, of course!

AB said...

you need to bloody let go, mate.

runbaby said...

such cool forks, they seem to be worth being broke again...:)

monsoux said...

@AB, I never hold too much.

@runbaby, the forks, cool as they may be, are old stuff. At the moment of the picture I just needed to clean all of them, since (remember those) windows (?!?) had to go through finishing ... and all that led to A LOT of dust. I have been weeping for a while.