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Thursday, November 08, 2007

I love'n'hate it

The car had stopped so that I could get on. He had leaned a bit to me so I could watch him in the eye. My look had slided and it was like I was watching myself in the mirror, with the familiar sour burns on the skin under the eye. "That looks like mine", I have thought.

"I have been meaning to call you. Last time I wanted to call you it was already two in the night", he said.
"Call me. If I don't pick it up, I am sleeping, if you wake me up, then we can talk".

This is a conversation with my best friend.


Diana said...

i always wonder upon the power of your posts to illustrate emotions, facts and feelings. i'm in shock to how much disclosure can simple open words bring, all topped by an inspired photograph... THIS is one of them.

i, on the other hand, must admit i'd lost my taste for words and style and art. until last night. i wrote something on my blog that might be liked (it's one of the revival proofs), and this can bring me back to your Google Reader.

i still believe we should grab a coffee some a rainy day.. denial or agreement? :)

monsoux said...

hahaha *blushes.

But you ARE on my Google Reader! Just that lately I have been more superficial in sharing.

Rainy days are here, why be in denial? Only right now I am contagious. As such, I avoid people I like, and I set appointments for myself with policemen and taxi drivers exclusively. But the rainy season is long before gone.

Diana said...

you managed to grab me a morning smile.. heehee.

ok, i'll wait patiently until your nose stops running.. bless you and cheers! :)

PS: i'm as sincere as that only if i get emotional over things. don't you laugh at my vulnerabilty, you Top Dog you! :P

monsoux said...

Now, that vulnerability thing... any other day it would get back a "Vulnerability, my ass!!" But, make no mistake, today is a special day :)