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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Things you need to know if you are me

A long time no see feng-shui visit has happened last night. When has it ever happened I was tucked in bed before midnight?

Bed sheets need changing more often than the boyfriends, but you definitely have got to change them once you've changed the boyfriend.

A*Men is the strongest perfume I have ever used.

Alternator belts don't have bolts, but the alternator has.

The first cup of coffee makes my day. I take it very white and sweet. Provided otherwise, or not at all, like this morning, and I'll be wandering like a creature of the night abandoned in broad day light under the shining sun.

I don't like tests, medical tests included, but I'll sit them nicely.


Pokemon said...

ceva de citit.

Raoul said...

wow. Finally putted into words. Men is the strongest perfume...
Hmm... I always decide if I really like a man based on the smell he lives on my skin. If I smile next day in a random place, that means I felt his flavor on me.
If I dont smile that means I have to find a new fragrance :P