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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Which brings us to post 1,000

So, happy posting to me! Voila, I am celebrating the occasion: four years of blogging, 42,000+ hits, which is a lot, taking into account I only have about 20-30 regular visitors per day, stats not running along from the beginning of time. Yeap, it took me a while to understand what is what and when and how.

By the way, thank you, thank you. Feel free, dear visitor, to help yourself with some comment-cake.

For this special occasion I have prepared and illustration full of meaning and common sense. Let me enlighten you:

One can walk the dog. Anytime. Only Top Dog walks himself.
Shit and clean is key to saving Earth.
Don't be a flower on the wall, nobody will pick you.
Oh, yeah, and always have a cup of coffee in the morning.


Gramo said...

Happy posting indeed! :)

Diana said...

"happy #1000 posting and to many more", says miss flower on the wall :))

umblu teleleu said...

waiting for number 1001 :D

b0gdan said...

Many happy returns of the posts!!!!


Good for you!

runbaby said...

foarte cute aia cu floarea de pe perete :). La 10000000 de hituri ;)!

Daniel Mihai said...

tre sa iti dau o bere monsoux

didlee said...

happy posting, yup!

Rux said...

la inca 1000 la fel de witty :)

monsoux said...

@gramo, 10x, always in your debt

@diana, welcome to the training support. For beginners.

@umblu teleleu, done! ;)

@bogdan, great idea! Never thought of post re-runs :)

@runbaby, 10x. More was never my goal. I love decent. I hate dead. I guess that way we are all OK.

@daniel mihai, great! Believe it or not, today I am short on cash. Name your day, I'll name my ale. Also I am sucker for nice company.

didlee, 10x and welcome. Guys, you can find didlee at

@rux, :) mathematically I should be 37 by that number. Hopefully wit loss will occur later in life