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Sunday, January 13, 2008

H and B

It's a line from a movie. In that particular scene the son, probably four, upon receiving the visit of his (potential?) girlfriend dismisses his father. It goes like this:
Son: "H and b!"
Father: "H and b?"
Son: "Hi and bye!"
Basically pretty much of what I am doing right here right now. Because my first post here this year is probably also my last (never say never! there now, I've already said it twice).

In other words, for the slower ones in the audience, update you links, feeds, personal web pages.

The same old me will be posting at , my new "house" courtesy of Romer!can. I have no idea how to hang my pictures on the wall, and many other essentials there elude me, however, pretty much like in life, I am inviting you to my ongoing blog-warming party.

Have a (*insert fav adjective here) 2008!


b0gdan said...

Scared me there for a moment!!!! Congrats on the new domain!

monsoux said...

hehehe, 10x