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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Proudly announcing the web I did the dishes

Still hot, still no AC, just the incorporated fan. The house is still a mess, I now try to do a little everyday, but it's like in Master Manole's tale, back to square one overnight. Ana, the cleaning lady in my case, is no where in sight, strike that, ON site. And in my case I'd have to put her inside the sink or the vacuum cleaner. You have to give me that, it's much more difficult then putting her inside a wall, legend-like. A brick layer can do that. Now that gives you a clue about Romanian folklore, probably not enough, but I'll do some research if anyone is interested in learning more and I will further promote Romanian cultural values at a later time. And a wicked culture that is, you'll see.

Been dreaming again. Woke up at 3.00. Sleeping by myself is a bitch, even if I love having his side of the bed for myself. This time it was fairy vampires, all faces I know, most of them women who have been at one time or another supervising me. Their were shifting like a fluid in a plastic bag and smiling. Less scary than last night's early morning nightmare. Here is my account to T on that matter:

"I dreamt with Africans who were shooting their victims after placing them inside their own contour already drawn in chalk on the ground. There were clusters of three, each spelling "KKK" (a letter I am particularly linked to). I was on the top of a house, on a terrace rather close to the ground, together with a character I don't know. He was tall, blonde, chubby, resembling z, a friend, but not him. The Africans finally caught us and shot quasi-Z in the back, lower spine, not ass. I woke up in fear I was next. It was six in the morning."

Apart from the oh's and ooo-ooo's friends offered a number of explanations. I was the first to point out this might be about sex, but I am not fully convinced.

Anyway, have to run. Regarding the previous post it used to have text but the software I used to use tricked me, for the second time. There is no true mistake I like doing twice. Anyway, I will have given the post a title and responded to bubu's comment. I am not trying to be incomprehensible, I was just missing my folks, admiring the mess in the house and playing with my camera. There!


stingo said...

I am particularly linked to the letter K too.

I've been thinking, because I've had a lot of strange dreams lately (in one, I was making love to Andressa - now that's strange, since I haven't actually met her either). I think they're caused by the heat. Nothing to worry about.

Romerican said...

Yes, local folklore is doubleplusgood! Please enlighten.

monsoux said...

S, the good thing is last night I did not have any dream at all. It was too hot to sleep over and train sleeping carriage felt like a sardines can. I was canned.

R, Manole was a mason, here you have the whole story, well in brief