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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Untitled on 26 for one full day. Now named "Missing Mica and my folks and the house is a mess"

This is Mica as a pup. She has really helped us become a better family, I think. Anyway, I'll be seeing them this weekend.

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bubu said...

continui sa te citesc, dar uneori fraternizez cu pichi, care vrind nevrind are dreptate. poate ca banuiala cu serviciile secrete nu e atat de fantezista. m-as lasa prada unui efort de intelegere, dar simt cum mi-ar fi greu.
esti dincolo de mine, si imi imaginez ca vrei sa spui ceva de fiecare data. candva demult am incercat si eu simtaminte de inutilitate si lipsuri majore pentru ca nu puteam face chestii ermetice si fara sens, ca atare pline de semnificatii. acum mi-a trecut insa.
pe scurt, da-i inainte cu delirul. sintem linga tine

monsoux said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
monsoux said...

Pichi is either banned from this site or completely missing in action. The post was missing the text because Hello, the software I used to use in connection with Picasa, refused to reply at my hail. All clear? Or, at least, clearer. Hugs.

pichi said...

ce servicii, ce secrete, ce plm???
nu ma mai amestecati in aberatiile astea absconse, eu sunt doar un taran de la Zoo. a propos, incep sa ma satur de poponari...

monsoux said...

ah, pichi is back, dear thing.