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Monday, December 25, 2006

By chance

I guess sometimes frustration builds up to burst into solution. Has it ever happened to you?

First I loved the book, then I lost it, then I could not remember the title, then I forgot the name of the author, then to whom I had lent the book, in no time my brain cells were dying like plagued and I couldn't tell anything. Like I was trying to mention something remotely at the end of this post. Not very successful, wasn't it?

And then, I was just looking for the title tracks of Rodrigo Leão, a man, although the voice I have for Cinema is a woman's voice, but then again Rodrigo is a composer. Frustration. Google. Landed here. Notice the name on the upper left corner... Bingo! More Google. And I have managed to spot the info I wanted on his home page.

Five Letters From An Eastern Empire: Describing Etiquette, Government, Irrigation, Education, Clogs, Kites, Rumour, Poetry, Justice, Massage, Town-planning, Sex and Ventriloquism in an Obsolete Nation, London: Penguin Books, 1995. 58p; £0.60; pbk (Penguin 60s)One of a series of sixty small books selling at 60p each to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Penguin Books in 1995. The title page verso incorrectly gives the copyright date as 1951. The text is not illustrated. the front cover features the wizened head of the emperor, printed in black and white on a red roundel. Exactly so!

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Pichi said...

That Alistair Gray's on my bedside. And it'll stay there. Like, hm, FOREVER. I promise to return it though, right before I kick the bucket. Cross my heart and hope to die. SOLEMN.