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Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have 1,000 faces to hide myself under and they are all the same thing. And taking the pictures of the 1,000 faces is a lot like wanking, after a while, when it's just a routine and you have other expectations: it's just a routine and you have other expectations.

I am calm and not missing on any social call. I am learning words like floordrobe and phrases like escape goat. Check them out in the urban dictionary.

I am currently reading Agota Kristof, an older "acquaintance" of mine. I just can't stop it. Reminds me of the times I was reading under my desk, book on my lap, ready to "loose it" the moment my mom would come to check on me. Instead of homework. Le grand cahier has, for me, a story I am planning to tell you soon.

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