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Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm gonna get myself happy

Yes, quite an excellent state I have been and still am experiencing. Everybody take notes and mark your calendars! I suspect everything is due for the gutter sooner or later. But... anyways. I have been to George Michael's show last night. Awesome sound and lights, the crowd was so and so and the people did not know the lyrics. But that's OK.

I haven't seen men holding hands with men, like Andressa did, but I saw a huge man to man kiss on the screens. I saw a mature George Michael, who is no longer afraid to be what he is. Gay is happy. And, further more, everything was an artistic and professional accomplishment. Gay was there, but there was so much more. I think this was very much in line with what I want for myself: I am gay, but I am not only that. And that is the philosophy behind my blogging. Keep in mind what I am and do not overlook what I do.

I saw meaning and people having a good time.

The cherry on my cake was the inflated dog blowjob. I love irony.

Bloguette007, thanks for the camera. And I hate you for going to the golden ring. In a good way.

LATER update (?) I have just realized why I am better than George Michael... it took me a long time to be out, but still it took me less than him to come out of the closed. And mine was not a scandal. He is a better performer and he has a better voice, and more money, and ... OK, let's stop here and call it even :D

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Tina said...


What I think was indeed funny was my exact prediction upon which songs were about to be played just before the grand finale, in the exact order. If only I were so good at lotto :D