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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lassie or Flipper?

In retrospect, I always wanted Flipper to be my best friend. I have always had a (secret) fascination with dolphins. I hear they are friendly, playful and sexual, which would explain my choice. Nevertheless, at one point in my life, there was Aldo. You have to understand, I am one of the lucky few. In a time when Lassie was taking over the world, my friend and companion, Aldo, was a collie. A real life collie. Not mine, like in I didn't own the beautiful thing. But I did take care and loved him like it was mine. Aldo was a pet in the true meaning of the term. His blue blood was attested in blood line counting generations and awards. Dog awards, but awards nevertheless. So it happens that Aldo was also one of the lucky few. Being of almost royal blood, Aldo spent his time on earth as the pet of a very well-off family, where my father used to be a Jack of all trades. That included walking the dog. And so I got to meet Aldo and befriend him, and I got his love back. Despite his really imposing size, and majestic fur, Aldo was something of clumsy dog. And that also explains my soft spot for him. Aldo fitted the bill. A story of long walks and playful sessions follows. To the day Aldo went out for his master's morning jogging, on the other side of the city, got separated and lost, only to show minutes later at the doorsteps of my block of flats, practically at my door. That showed who the real master of Aldo was, my uncle ever since told anyone who'd listen.

This is just a preamble to the Gramo's meme, to follow here soon.

LATER EDIT: Got the same meme from Darkq.

Although it took me a while to realize, my favourite past time of my childhood must have been, for as far back as I can recall, physically fighting with my brother once a day or even more. My brother is five years older than me and I believe my main trespassing against him was, in his subconscious mind, that, apart from the fact I must have been a particularly annoying little brat at the time, my folks kept me and raised me themselves, while they preferred him be raised by our grandparents. A long story short, it was a love and hate relationship, spiced with various pursues, a mastership of throwing the flip-flops at each other, the cowboys and Indians figurine play, we used to have some boxes of these plastic figurines, I was the Indians and loosing every single time, contests of drawing vessels and fortresses market with flags in our three initials, we both had three initials, his were better, the drawings and the initials. Finally, because of this symbiosis, I had become a parasite for the larger group of older kids, who had to shepherd me in corpore. I went stealing with them for the little pipes to shoot paper arrows. In fact, a large chunk of our activities took place on the construction sites, where we used to press nails against the rail of the cranes, making little swords that is, in the botanical park, in front of the block, or even on the top of our block of flats. It was the fifth grade that my brother outgrew so much he refused to babysit me or be involved with me in any manner during his spare time, only occasionally to correct my behaviour, never in front of a third party, so I was totally entitled to desert to our neighbour, Laura from the ground floor; she had two large dolls, the equivalent of a Barbie blown to the proportions of an infant, and now I realize I was her third such doll. Laura would buy ice cream for me, and take to the movies. She was the age of my brother and I have suffered enormously when she fell for one of her class mates. By doing so she had practically ruined my whole summer vacation. I remember like it was yesterday how I have been asleep for two entire days because I was so mad with her.

LATER LATER EDIT: this meme goes to bloguette007, Andressa, runbaby, Pinocchi0, stingo and Musculin.

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