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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PR peer education

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The most important thing I have learned from one of my PR colleagues is to piss in the water of the toilet. It may as well make a louder noise, but at least it won't splatter by far as much. And if you are concerned about what others might think, they already know what you are doing in there, and rather hear it than clean after the job is done.


Diana said...

why not clean it yourself? :)

monsoux said...

oh, well, that is embedded, actually. In terms of efforts, costs and perceptions, cleaning it yourself is the most practical, reasonable thing to do. Also the most effort is involved. But with most men I am afraid it does involve a no touch no harm policy. Very similar to my cleaning lady. She won't touch anything electrical for not disturbing it. In other words some men might be oblivious, unaware or plainly afraid of cleaning it themselves. I am equally annoyed with them as I am with women who request men to sit on the toilet when peeing.

Diana said...

women who request men to sit on the toilet when peeing... that is just hilarious! :)))

monsoux said...

they exist. They check the temperature of the toilet seat after use. They are not hilarious. They are outrageous.